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Kayla Anne

About Kayla: 

With a degree in Songwriting and Music Business from Belmont University in Nashville, where she studied, performed, and recorded original music, Kayla brings her experiences in commercial and country music to the mix. She released her Debut E.P., Call Me When You’re Done in 2018, followed by her latest E.P., Six Year Old Self in 2023, both full of original music written and performed by Kayla. Kayla has performed for crowds from coffee shops to that of the Ball Arena in Denver and the National Western Stock Show. 

More About Kayla: 

Accompanying this passion for performance and music is her enjoyment of working with young minds to guide and teach them in the early years of their unique journeys. This led Kayla to earn her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Colorado State University – Go Rams! Kayla has since taught elementary music to students in kindergarten through 5th grade in Edwards, Colorado. Born and raised in Boulder, she is reconnecting with her roots while bringing her talent and skills as a writer, performer, artist, and teacher together at Reel Kids. She is eager to facilitate the exploration and understanding of oneself through the world of music and theatre!

Teaching Philosophy:

Music is more than playing notes on an instrument, or performing your favorite song. We listen to music, and pay absurd amounts of money to see it performed, because of the emotion and salvation that can be found within it. Music can be an outlet for understanding and healing, or a means of exploration and connection to the world and communities that surround us. It is one of the few things that every civilization in the world developed, and when pursued whole-heartedly, has few limits. 

 Kayla's unique background in early childhood education, performance, and song-writing, allows her to create a unique learning atmosphere that focuses on the student as a whole. When our basic needs aren't met, we don't learn.  So, Kayla strives to use music to meet the student where they are, recognize the tools they already have, and work with the student to build and acquire the skills needed for growth on a personal and artistic level. 

Through a variety of teaching methods and approaches, using a wide range of musical tools and stylings, Kayla believes that everyone can learn to play and perform to their heart's desire! She loves to see the transformation in students, not only in ability, but to witness the recognition of capability and confidence when her students master a piece of music, a challenging chord, or soak in the applause after a performance. 


Areas of Expertise: 

Vocal Development

Vocal Health

A Capella Singing

Commercial Songwriting

Performance/Stage Presence







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