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Concerts, Not Recitals!

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Perform with professional musicians!

Here at Boulder Music we have the unique model of holding "concerts" instead of "recitals." The idea of a recital is to showcase the students improvement, but often times they are long, tedious, and under-attended. At Boulder Music, our students have different performance opportunities every month, from open mic nights, cafes, breweries, concert halls, retirement homes, and performance venues. Between 4-6 times a year, students receive the opportunity to have one of their prepared pieces accompanied by a full band filled with adult professional musicians on bass, drums, guitar, sequencer and piano.  These musicians make ANYONE sound incredible, and they are there to support YOU!

This experience propels kids professionally, allowing for real recordings and live material to promote their musical journey. The largest benefit of these performances is that students learn to communicate in the professional world of music, while still being nurtured and supported in every way. Did we mention our concerts sell out? Join our Mailing List for upcoming events and ticket info. And make sure to check out or media page, for live streaming and uploaded videos from our latest concerts and classes.



Sunday, May 5th, 1& 2:30pm

Join our amazing students in a SWEET Sunday concert! Perform with a live band your prepared piece with ease! And then, reward yourself at our Donut Bar! See you there!

Performance/Master Class Options:

(Must attend two in order to perform) 

Saturday April 20 10-11am Tuesday 23rd 6-7:30 Thursday 24th 5:30-7 Monday April 29th 430-6 Tuesday April 30 6:30-8 Wednesday May 1st 6:30-8 Thursday May 2nd 430-6

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