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The Sound of Boulder Music

About Boulder Music



1. Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, Rock Band, Small Ensemble, Composition, Songwriting, Arranging, Music Production classes - all under one roof!!!

We are the only music school in Boulder, Colorado that offers all of these in one location. Each teaching room is equipped with top-notch microphones, pianos or keyboards (we are very proud of our new NORD 3!), Bose sound system, and 8th inch inputs for you to bring your iPad/iPod/computer/phone to optimize your learning experience!

We are Qualified

We have eight faculty members with multiple degrees in their art form, ranging from schools like Berklee College of Music, Mannes College of Music, Manhattan School of Music, University of Denver, USC, University of Colorado, Boulder and Pepperdine University.

It's not just education; though it's nice to have that piece of paper proving you are awesome and qualified.  Our teachers are so much more than "educated." Our faculty constantly performs, records and creates.

This past month alone, every single faculty member performed or filmed, ranging from filming new music videos in Los Angeles, setting up International tours, booking cafe and club and even professional performances at the Arvada Center and Denver Center. We are small, diverse, strong, nurturing, and most importantly, qualified in every way.

The widest range of Music Lesson times available seven days a week


We are the only music school in Boulder that offers music lessons seven days a wee,  from early in the morning to late at night, in order to accommodate your busy schedules!

Available times:
Before school: starting as early as 7am (yes, we have many 7am students!)

During the day: Have a school block period? Come take lessons!


Home-schooled?  Schedule anytime.  


Balancing the new Covid reality?  Choose a virtual or in-studio time at your convenience!  


Adult Student--Come whenever!


After School: Our most popular time - 2pm-9pm!


Weekends: Boulder Music is the only school that offers lessons all day Saturday and Sunday!

A Proven Track Record for 18+ years!

Visit our Testimonial page to see what our students and parents are saying! Every year, aspiring musical teachers start their own studios, and a year or two later they are closed. Boulder Music, formally known as "Wildflower", has a proven track record of offering quality music, guitar, voice, piano, songwriting, production, composition and arranging classes in the Boulder area year-round. Our full-time mission is teaching music lessons, trusted by over 500 families for over 18 years.

A comfortable parent's lounge for our clients

With over 3,000 square feet, we have the most comfortable and parent-friendly waiting area in Boulder!

Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional parent's lounge with comfortable chairs, kids' toys, Wi-Fi, magazines, water and over 25 different teas to choose from! You can do work while your child has their lesson, or you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like.

The most technologically advanced and fully stocked lesson rooms in Boulder!

Our rooms are stocked with everything you need for music lessons, including amps, stereos, keyboards, pianos, microphones, PA systems, and more. All you need to bring is you and enjoy our instrument! We have spent untold thousands of dollars on our studios, making sure each room has ample equipment and is state of the art, including iPads that feature on-line copies of all the material your students are working on, should they sometimes forget their folders!

Technology is also a big part of lessons at Boulder Music, We have inputs for all your devices, to augment the learning process. This allows students to have a modern and engaging lesson using music teaching apps, music software, Skype and more. Feel free to bring your own device to your lesson in addition to your instrument. We are the only studio in Boulder that is a proud owner of the newest NORD Piano 3, a "world-class performance keyboard and sequencer," and a new Kawai grand piano. Whether you are into music sequencing, DJ, live mixing, OR classical piano/voice, we have the instruments for you!

Concerts, Not Recitals!


Perform with professional musicians.

Here at Boulder Music we have the unique model of holding "concerts" instead of "recitals." The idea of a recital is to showcase the students' improvement, but often times they are long, tedious, and under-attended. At Boulder Music, our students have different performance opportunities every month, from open mic nights, cafes, breweries, concert halls, retirement homes, and performance venues. Between 4-6 times a year, students have the opportunity to have one of their prepared pieces accompanied by a full band filled with adult professional musicians on bass, drums, guitar, sequencer and piano.  These musicians make ANYONE sound incredible, and they are there to support YOU! This experience propels kids professionally, allowing for real recordings and live material to promote your kids. The largest benefit of these performances is that students learn to communicate in the professional world of music, while still being nurtured and supported in every way.

Did I mention our concerts sell out? Join our Mailing List for upcoming events and ticket info. And make sure to check out or media page, for live streaming and uploaded videos from our latest concerts and classes.

Located in The Heart of Boulder

Due to Boulder Music's central location (seconds from 36 West, minutes from downtown), our school is convenient to all areas of the greater Boulder area. Close to our school you will find great shopping, dining, and the neighborhood of Central Boulder. We are right off of Foothills Highway, and neighbors to 29th Street Mall. Easy to get to and easy to leave, no more fighting Pearl Street traffic! We have students from Lyons to Nederland, Boulder, and Denver!

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