Tonya Ingerson


About Tonya:

Tonya Ingerson graduated in 2018 from Vassar College, where she majored in Drama and minored in Sustainability and was awarded multiple honors for her acting and vocal performance (and even for her work in sustainability!). Upon graduating, she moved to New York City and has since performed professionally in regional theatre and taught students privately in voice, guitar, and music theory (in addition to many other academic subjects). Tonya grew up in Boulder—where she was Kari Kraakevik’s first private voice student!—and with her near-decade of private voice lessons under her belt, has been music directing and vocal coaching at Reel Kids for 6 summers now. Tonya has a deep love of choral and group singing, and has performed with jazz, classical, a cappella, madrigal, collegiate, and professional church choirs in several states and countries, including Cuba, Denmark, and Uganda. 

Teaching Philosophy:

Tonya believes that so much of healthy and free singing comes from a relaxed and open anatomy of the voice. In many ways, the muscles of all of our voices are very similar and have similar constructions—but each student simply has a very unique journey on how to achieve their best sound. She firmly believes that: developing musicianship skills, and a broad appreciation for a wide variety of musical genres, is vital in cultivating a well-rounded performer who can make musically interesting choices on their own; a singer must develop a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, in order to actually further their skills through regular lessons and practice; and that the voice is inherently connected with the mind and body, meaning that singing and music-making must be approached holistically.

Areas of expertise:

Classical voice

Classic musical theatre

Acting for voice

Beginning piano

Beginning guitar

Music theory

Sight-singing/ear training

IPA/Italian, French, & German diction