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Thomas Dow


About Thomas:

Thomas Dow is a patient, down to earth teacher and works well with both children and adults. If you are new at guitar, whether as an adult or child, Thomas would like to help get you on your way. If you're already playing well, but want to take the next step, Thomas can support you in getting to the next level, what ever that means for you.


"For the past several months Thomas has been providing guitar lessons for our 13 year old son. We have had several instructors over the years with mixed results at best. Thomas has proven to be incredibly patient, engaging, effective and fun. For the first time, our son looks forward to his lessons. The other day I took a moment to listen to our son practicing and was amazed to see how far he has come. I wholeheartedly recommend Thomas to anyone with a desire to learn guitar. He is a reliable, capable, inspirational and extraordinarily patient teacher."

Areas of Expertise:
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

Phone: 720.565.8481

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