Kari Kraakevik

About Kari: Originally from Los Angeles and Chicago, I moved out to Boulder as an ATLAS Scholar at the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a first year masters student in Music Composition, I taught two full classes of music theory/ aural skills, and was honored to write and perform in the coveted Atlas Black box theater. I loved this “honor,” as it gave me impetus to work with other art forms, like children’s theater, choir, dance, video etc. I soon realized that this was my calling—multimedia works and TEACHING. Finishing my masters, my only critique from my professors was “we wish you would focus more on traditional composition, and less on your vocal studio and children’s theater…” I laughed, for it was those two things that brought me the most joy--it was my students that were my success. And they are, still today.

In the Summer of 2013, I was approached by a couple student’s parents with an offer to finance my first business “Reel Kids.” All they wanted was their kids to have a better educational experience than the theaters I had worked for. With their financial help, and my perseverance, I purchased Reel Kids, and redesigned the curriculum to what it is today—a collaborative arts and technology center. Reel Kids has been a success. In the first year, we graduated nine seniors, all going to colleges, and universities in music, acting, or technology.

Still, my first love was voice and composition—that’s where my heart sings! When I heard of the merger opportunities at Wildflower, I almost cried—it would be a dream come true! My students could have opportunities at Wildflower; Wildflower students could learn at Reel Kids; Kids could support kids, projects, video work, and live performances. . . THIS is my passion, this is my dream, and because of Monica, and her former business Wildflower—it has come true.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in the individuality of each student. I allow for the student to drive the direction of the lesson. This does not however, mean I let them "take the wheel," rather, they are sitting up front with Kari and navigating the road of musical expression with their number one fan, their teacher! I find that if I trust the student to take artistic responsibility, they treat that responsibility with respect and weight. I will ask a lot of my students and we do tend to move at a pretty fast pace, but they learn, fail, succeed and grow every step of the way! Vocally, I am Kodaly based (hand signals, solfeggi based, movable Do), and incorporate music theory in every lesson. My goal is to teach smart artists. Artists who do more than "sing pretty," but that know their rhythms, know how to play basic accompaniment, know how to communicate in a professional manner, and most of all, know what they DON'T know--and be willing to accept and learn! Compositionally, I was never given the opportunity to learn "singer-songwriter" composition, though I think that's what I wanted all along :) The programs I attended in college and graduate school echoed either traditional composition or multi-media art. Thanks to both Pepperdine University and CU, I am very well trained for I had excellent teachers myself! Therefore, my compositional training is such that I know the rules, and know how to break them with finesse :) In my "free" time, I love writing simple songs for voice and piano--and letting go! I love teaching in both those spectrums, and find immense value in learning from my students while teaching. I firmly believe each artist has a voice and my overall goal is to be the vessel for them to learn just "how" to find that beautiful voice, in composition, piano or vocal performance.

Areas of Expertise:
Music Composition
Fixed Media
Multi-media Collaboration
Sight Reading
Broadway Singing
Classical Singing
Classical Piano
Harmony/Choral Works

Email: kari@mybouldermusic.com
Phone: 720.212.1244